Writing & Publications


The Waterfront Toronto crisis: what are the options?with Mariana Valverde – Dec 7, 2018 – Toronto Open Smart Cities Forum

Untangling Quayside & Sidewalk Toronto: updates and narratives – Dec 3, 2018 – Toronto Open Smart Cities Forum

The Digital Strategy Advisory Panel stands up – Oct 20, 2018 – Toronto Open Smart Cities Forum

Toronto’s high-tech contradictions – NOW Toronto, October 11

Big Data and Urban Planning in Pakistan: A Case Study of the Urban Unit – Major Paper in completion of Master in Environmental Studies (Urban Planning), York University. Selected for publication in the Outstanding Paper series.

Beyond the Buzz: A Deep Dive into Pakistan’s Startup Ecosystem – with Fariha Anwar, Maryam Mohiuddin Ahmed, and Osama Nadeem Sheikh – Social Innovation Lab


Bridging the Gap: Designing A Canadian What Works Centre
(contributor) – Mowat Centre

Resistance to Innovation in the Social Sector, from 1992 to 2017 – with Stephen Couchman – The Philanthropist

Innovation on the Rise: Achieving Systemic Changewith Stephen Couchman – The Philanthropist

Benevolence versus change: The transformative potential of social innovation and social enterprise in Ontario – with Candice Davis – Learning Enrichment Foundation


Realising the Promise of Social Enterprise: From Rhetoric to Reality – Social Enterprise Toronto


My first full-time job in Canada was Managing Editor of SocialFinance.ca, a community hub on social finance and impact investing. I wrote dozens of posts between 2011-2015, none of which are online anymore.

Social enterprises in Ontario: Opportunities abound – Canadian CED Network

Pakathon Webinar Series: EcoEnergyFinance and Energy in Pakistan – Pakathon Toronto


Small teams, big change – The Nation

As Guest Editor, New Economies – Cities for People


Canadians are harnessing the power of social finance – MaRS Discovery District

Citizens, Not Victims – Islamic Horizons


Impact investing: building the industry – MaRS Discovery District

Food for thought from Geoff Mulgan’s whirlwind tour – MaRS Discovery District

Social entrepreneurship tackles mental health equity head on – MaRS Discovery District


What if we all thought like Charles Leadbeater? – Social Innovation Generation

Social impact bonds – innovating to protect seniors – MaRS Discovery District

Unleashing Ontario’s social innovation opportunities – MaRS Discovery District