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IBA’s Right Hand Man – Yonus Bhai

July 10, 2011

Note: This was originally written for the IBA newsletter in spring 2006, based off an interview Sarim and I did. For the most part this isn’t too meaningful, but his recommendations for improving IBA are quite insightful in retrospect, and it’s interesting that he repeatedly urged for the need for not only cosmetic but also structural change. His plea for foreign exposure eventually materialized after several years (by 2009, three years after this interview, IBA students were regularly participating in international conferences such as Model UN). This post is mostly relevant for the relatively small group of students from IBA, Main Campus. The interview was taken in Urdu and flavored with some imaginative expletives, a Yonus hallmark. Fortunately or unfortunately, I don’t remember the exact phrases anymore.

by Sarim Ehtesham and Nabeel Ahmed, BBA II-II

He is here every morning at 7:30 and leaves at 4:30 in the evening. He takes care of all the classrooms and is bound to find your lost stuff. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, he is none other than our own Yonus Bhai in an exclusive interview taken by Nabeel Ahmed and Sarim Ehtesham about his views on IBA

First of all Yonus bhai when did you join IBA?

I was appointed here at IBA in 1981 and have been serving here since almost 22 years. I was appointed by the 1st Director of
IBA, Dr. Abdul Wahab. My appointment here had some reservations because of my political background; nonetheless I found employment here after I passed the interview.

What is your job here at IBA?

Well it’s my job to come here early in morning, open the classrooms, make sure everything is clean and in order, see to it
that the equipment is working, and that lights and fans are all working.

What are your views about the administration?

Well the current administration is doing ok but &*%_@*#^@ they do not cooperate with the employees, especially us peons. Previous administrations were more co operative with us all. You see the current administration hasn’t built anything here-we all proposed for a football ground which is still pending. You students used to play and they would *(&^)*&% fine you and if we were lax about this then we would get into trouble. As you know, a sort of an unconditional alliance exists between the students and us. The administration is just managing there is no vigor. Old employees are not valued at all and no one listens to us, unlike before.

So you think we are not doing so well here at IBA?

No not at all, our standards are falling. See why LUMS is progressing. Previously people from LUMS used to come here for
training, now our standards are going down. Look at the library…have you ever seen the condition of the books? You kids are studying 50 years old books! These people should buy the latest books and keep them here, you must be provided with up-to-date material. The racks are too old and rusty they do not have them varnished or polished. Look at the grass on the lawns, it is dead now.

Who do you think is responsible for all this and should take note of all this?

The administration should do all this, heck I even *&^%)* think they should send you all you students abroad for internship and not just in Pakistan. They should even pay for your one way ticket and arrange for your accommodations. This will give you children a greater and broader view of the world and ultimately IBA’s name would shine. As business students you need to know how everything works around the world and how business is conducted in different places.

What of the relationship between you all and the administration?

Well no matter what we do we receive no appreciation from the administration. The Dean used to be very considerate but I guess due to the increasing load things aren’t the same any more *U^%)*&%. Previous directors used to visit Main Campus everyday heck even twice sometimes, but now it no longer happens. When the government announced a 15% increase they promised us to give a raise but only delayed the encashment, let us see when we get it.

Do you think that City Campus is better than Main Campus?

*&^)*&^ who says that they are better? City campus is flourishing because the administration’s interests lie there. It is
near the city and accessible to nearly everyone. Here the main campus is still under the &^*)&% shadow of the Karachi University. You see every time you mail something here you have to add Karachi University on the address. I know the university inside out been here for a long time…no way City Campus is better than here, its just that the administration should spend more time here.

How can IBA improve itself?

Well like I said they should send students abroad and IBA itself should expand its borders abroad. Foreign awareness will be fruitful for us not only IBA but also the Government of Pakistan, when foreign currency comes into the bank accounts. The Board of Governors should be comprised of educationalists, industrialists who know the trade and also have a student representative along with retired professors and vice-chancellors. Old teachers and students know the practical realities much better than these executives who only come for a meeting rarely and even then charge thousands for that single session! They can also start improving by building the football field.

Just one last question Yonus Bhai, what do you think of the new IBA logo?

It @$^(*&% sucks big time I wonder who was the @*^&(*&^% idiot who thought of it.

Yonus Bhai thanks a lot for your time.

Anytime boys, anytime.

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  1. September 26, 2012 10:57 am

    This is so hilarious and made me very nostalgic.


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