A selection of the best on Akmal today, from Twitter.

Shoaib to Akmal: Bhai ball ko paison ki gatthi samajh – @gkhamba

IDEA! #fakmal should be made to train with balls which have an explosive inside them. either he gets better or HE DIES! win-win for everyone – @mediagag

Come on, Pakistan. Injure Fakmal. RT @TheSunCricket BREAKING NEWS: Stuart Broad is out of the rest of England’s World Cup campaign. – @sanakazmi

What do #Fakmal and Michael Jackson have in common? They both wear gloves for no apparent reason! – @cpyala

Akmal should just go sleep with a bunch of dirty hookers. I mean…not like he’s going to catch anything… – @obakhtar

Karta raha tamaam match dropped catchoun ka hissab // match kay baad Shoaib nay jootay be hissab lagayae #Fakmal – @DrRashidAli

Allah karay terri papoo ass par shehad kee makhi kat jaye #Fakmal. – @hafsa_khawaja

#Fakmal comes in. He drops his bat five times on the way to the crease. – @ZaltzCricket

Likely. Considering his dressing-room rape by Lala. RT @cpyala #Fakmal walking into bat injured. #ThingstoLookForwardTo – @KarachiVagabond

The best ever Int’l Women’s day celebrated by Pakistanis today thanks to #Fakmal, some earth shattering maa behan swearing we witnessed. – @Am1rA2h3R

Happy Birthday Taylor. Love, Kamran Akmal and Shoaib Akhtar. #CWC2011″ #fakmal – @HumaImtiaz

#fakmal zala-lat ki bulandiyoon par – @najamsikander

Mar Razzaq mar , pehle Kiwi ko mar phir dressing par #fakmal ko mar #PakCricket – @schawlaf

So to recap, #Fakmal, ordered by US handler Raymond Davis, took a bribe from the Indo-Jewish illuminati to throw the match. – @mlotia

Three things:

1) Spare a thought for poor Fawwaz Akmal,whose Twitter handle is – you guessed it – Fakmal.
2) Pakistan lost, but poor bowling and poorer top-order batting are as much to blame as dropped catches. You don’t lose a 50 over game by 110 runs in two deliveries. Better deal with these issues sooner rather than later.
3) This thread isn’t meant to vilify one player, it’s meant to marvel at the verbal dexterity he inspires!

Add your own in the comments!



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