Tag, You’re It!

Since it’s fun, and since I feel like it, here goes.

8 TV Shows I Watch

Don’t watch TV regularly, but these if and when time permits:

1. The news (it’s a ‘show’ in a way)
2. The Daily Show
3. Bang e Dara
4. TED (what, it’s television!)
5. Reruns of Malcolm in the Middle/Everybody Hates Chris/Friends (=mindless entertainment)
6. Old PTV productions on Youtube (currently, Sunehray Din)
7. ESPN Sportsnet (I used to…sigh!)
8. That’s it, really.

8 Favorite places to Eat

Note: Classifying in no particular order, and this list is not primarily based on perceptions of food quality

1. Home, wherever that may be.

2. Baba Habbas (!!) (Tubaishi), Al Mahar (near Sheraton Dammam), Al Gondol – for the broast and shawarmas and falafel

3. In fast food: Burger King (Tubaishi), Subway (NIPA), Dunkin Donuts (Disco, obviously), KFC (Disco), Lahore Chatkharay (Y-Block!) Pizza Next (Millennium Mall)

4. Arizona Grill (Zamzama), Roasters (both Zamzama and Sindhi Muslim) – for great food all-round and memories

6. Disco Bakery, One Ten, Bovi Chic, various places near Boat Basin and Haidery and Zainab Market – for nothing but memories

7. Da Silva Town Karhai, Al-Makkah Restaurant (Superhighway), Al Asif Square, Delhi Muslim Kabab House (Haidery)

8. Mahmood Sweets (Main Water Pump), Marblestones (near Lalik Chowk LHR), Gelato Affair (Karsaz), Baloch Ice Cream (Saddar and Haidery), Agha Juice


8 Things I look Forward To

1. Peace at home
2. Meeting lost friends again
3. Getting into university for graduate studies
4. Doing something big, something to be proud of
5. Playing Winning Eleven again!
6. Settling down
7. Being able to speak four different languages fluently, cook a full meal, and having an understanding of Islam
8. Publishing a few books

8 Things That Happened Yesterday Last Week

(Let’s make it last week, for it to be more interesting)

1. Had an interview for an internship and found out at the end that I was being interviewed by the CEO,when she handed me her card (this after saying I’m not doing an MBA because being a CEO is not a big enough achievement…i got the position though!)
2. First ever lunch at completely vegetarian place (Brar Sweets) – the closest thing to meat there was milk!
3. Joining the Association for Develop Pakistan Marketing Outreach team
4. Almost burnt the house down after setting a towel on fire inside a microwave oven (really!)
5. Got kicked off a bus because the police had followed me…for jaywalking. Almost got fined $200! (Well, actually, it was an honest mistake, I entered the bus stop from the wrong end.)
6. Featured on the WordPress.com front page and achieved over 1500 hits in a single day. (Normality has since resumed.)
7. More thought streams, more books
8. Gave the graduation speech at my ‘graduation’ at the Newcomers Centre of Peel!


8 Things I love About Winters

1. Not having to shower sweat off
2. Comfortable sleep
3. Sweaters

That’s about it, really..I vastly prefer summers!

8 Things On My Wishlist

1. TIME!!!
2. ESP (or at least an improved ability to understand others)
3. Health and happiness for family and friends (preferably immortality too :P)
4. Not having to compromise too much
5. Better understanding of Islam (forgiveness and piety principal benefits)
6. Camera
7. Smartphone, preferably open-source!
8. O-S-H

polar clock pixel breaker

8 Things I’m Passionate About

1. Thought processes
2. Family
3. Food
4. Dreams
5. Meaning
6. Sports
7. People
8. Understanding


8 Words or Phrases I Use Often

1. jee
2. poori baat suno
3. relatively
4. parhe likhe
5. jaahil
6. change
7. perhaps
8. what, who, where, when, how

8 Things I Learnt from the Past

1. To trust myself
2. To be careful
3. If it’s too good to be true, it probably is
4. Hard work over the long term yields results
5. Nothing is easy
6. Most of the time, all everyone wants is love
7. Shift happens
8. Too much of anything is bad


8 Places I Would Love to Go,Visit or See

1. The inner workings of people’s minds
2. Heaven
3. Hunza
4. Barcelona
5. Where I grew up
6. Lord’s
7. Venice
8. Amazon

(I had to force the last 3 out – couldn’t think of any more places that I wanted to go…)

8 Things I Currently Need/Want

1. More hope, more opportunities
2. Smartphone
4. TIME!!!
5. Sleep
6. Understanding (of and from things and others)
7. Patience!
8. Security

And I need to tag 8 bloggers…

(I’ll tag people on Facebook!)


Omar Khan

Saad Halim

Ali Wasti

Saad Khaleel


…and I give up. If anyone reading this is interested, go for it!


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  1. Hey…I wanted to write a post on Cesc and this summer. I remember coming across a survey of all managers and captains of the best player in the world on your blog some time back. Any chance you can dig it up and email it to me at ahsanib at gmail dot com? Thanks for your help.

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