Who Does Pakistan Look Up To?

Quick question for everyone:

Who do you think Pakistanis look up to? Which Pakistani public figure is truly respected and popular amongst the majority (>50%) of Pakistanis? Abdul Sattar Edhi? Mustafa Kamal? Shahbaz Sharif? Imran Khan? Zaid Hamid? Atif Aslam? Shahid Afridi?

Please post answers in the comments.




  1. Abdul Sattar Edhi: I don’t think he’ll be famous outside Karachi. He doesn’t even have a strong network in Punjab.

    Mustufa Kamal: With the exception of Muhajirs and a few others, no one would like him.

    Shahbaz Sharif; he’s got a pretty strong following in Punjab, but that’s only Urban Punjab.

    Imran Khan: He’s a dick.

    Zaid Hamid: He’s a dick with a red cap.

    Atif Aslam: Urban PK only. And has an annoying voice.

    Shahid Afridi: Popular in FATA, NWFP, Karachi. Punjab probably hates him.

    It may seem ironic, but Pakistan (urban and rural) probably looked upto BB. Sad. Very Very Sad.

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