Still Unsure – And Paying For It In Blood

DAWN has just posted the results of a survey on the stance of Pakistanis regarding the operation in South Waziristan.

To quote:

“According to a Gilani Research Foundation poll conducted by Gallup Pakistan, an affiliate of Gallup International, 51 per cent of people support the government offensive.‘There is cautious support in Pakistani public opinion for the military action currently underway in South Waziristan,’ the research group said.

Thirteen per cent of more than 2,700 people surveyed across the country opposed the military action while 36 per cent said they were unsure. While a majority supported the action, only 25 per cent of respondents said the Islamists were responsible for the offensive with 35 per cent blaming the United States and 31 per cent the government.”

What continues to frustrate me is the sheer, over-my-dead-body, refusal of all these people to admit that militancy is a Pakistani problem, that there are real soldiers fighting for their life near Sararogha, that the extremists who have been targeting and slaughtering Pakistani civilians by the dozen are also Pakistanis.


That’s nothing!

As Murtaza Razvi has been repeating in his blog for DAWN, we need to own the war.

We. The citizens. Stop waiting for the government or even the biggest political party in the country. Our government and media clearly have other priorities. Kamran Khan’s show last night started off with the NRO, for example.

So the people have to step up to the plate.

I am angry because I have to continually argue against jackasses who believe that launching a missile strike on Israel will help solve Pakistan’s problems.

I am angry because many of the people who I have to argue with are educated, privileged, rich urbanites.

Why does a third of our population still believe that we are not to blame for the current scenario?!

Why is a third of our population still ‘unsure’ about the need to fight and win this war?!

Are you waiting for a family member to be killed before you support drastic action?

Wake up.


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  1. I havent read through all of your post. But people are assholes here. They dont realise that these retards are goin to fuck them over a dozen times if offensive is not taken. And this army, was the one which created and fed and spoilt these militants in the first place. Its about time that retards get out of this religious bubble and kick some major ass. Its war, and there will be blood. i suggest banning beard and veil for atleast 6 months. Those who have issues, should fuckin stay in their homes.

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