Touching indeed.

I haven’t blogged in ages, partly because I was busy with my second big move in four years, and partly because I couldn’t push myself to write. There’s a few unfinished drafts..but I’ve either lost interest in those topics, or they are obsolete (like my analysis of Pakistan’s performance in Sri Lanka).

Strange, indeed, that a romantic comedy should inspire a blog post.

Then again, that seems to be the recurring theme around this movie.


I could have watched this movie a month ago, but chose not to because it didn’t seem interesting in the least. I guess we’ve all seen too many romantic comedies. Then I happened upon a review of this while surfing the web, and…because my movie options are limited for now, decided to download it.

To my surprise the torrent was downloaded within a few hours. Even then, I opted for something different – Earth, based on Bapsi Sidhwa’s Ice Candy Man, which I recently read (a must-read for anyone interested in the Partition and with memories of Lahore). As Fate would have it, the file was damaged and I couldn’t watch anything beyond the first ten minutes.

And so I clicked on Management.

It wasn’t exactly engrossing, but it kind of held the attention initially, because of the curiosity that the director successfully created. Initially, at least. 40 minutes into this flick and I was wondering why I was wasting my time. It wasn’t really a comedy, I wasn’t laughing too much. There was a creepily obsessive lover (Steve Zahn) and a nice but cold (and old!) Jennifer Aniston. No chance of anything happening.

And yet, the point at which she FINALLY tells him to leave, for good, was…somehow..poignant. It was the moment in which the world (in the movie, at least) flipped.

Despite the general blandness that had preceded so far, and despite every sign that this was to be expected…the breakup just didn’t seem..appropriate. There was no obvious reason why this scene should have been touching.

But it was.

So were the family interactions and the awkward pauses. This movie was full of awkward pauses…they fit, perfectly. I can’t explain how. I could certainly relate to the awkward pauses. I think everyone can. They mean a great deal and are perhaps…the most important times of inaction we experience.

I wouldn’t like to ruin any more of the movie. Steve Zahn is not an actor I’ve ever heard of. However, I’ll probably pay more attention whenever I see his name in a movie. The ‘pull’ in this movie came from Jennifer Aniston. But this guy pulled off a wonderfully nuanced performance that completely sucked you in and gave this movie the touch of something more.

More than meets the eye, Management.

If ever a movie has grown on me, this was it.

The music was nice too.

Well I don’t know what I’m looking for
But I know that I just want to look some more
And I won’t be satisfied
Till there’s nothing left that I haven’t tried
For some people it’s an easy choice
But for me there’s a devil in an angel’s voice
Well I don’t know what I’m looking for
But I know that I just want to look some more…

If you’re in the mood for something heartwarming and light..go on, this probably won’t be the worst 96 minutes of your life.



  1. what how have you not heard of steve zahn.. if you liked this watch the good girl by jennifer aniston.. my favorite movie of hers

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