India’s captcha’s and Pakistan’s reforms

Disclaimer: Anyone reading this should not feel that I am anti-India or pro-MQM. I am action-oriented, not entity-oriented. I praise and criticize irrespective of who does what. My observations in this post are not in-depth and thorough – essentially because the point of this post is simply to point out discrepancies between realities and media portrayals.

  • My rate $4.00 per 1k My team can work 24/7. They are jobless now
  • $3 per 1000 image entry, Ready start. 24/7 service like also. We have 30 pc 90 worker & 39 big captcha team so your any target we solve
  • Dear Sir, We have quoted 50 $ per 50000 entries., Kindly look forward procedures to provide a chance to work with you

LOL…must-read! India’s great IT economy features, among its’ (other, truly great) enterprises, an industry of humans employed for simple word-recognition. This article is a year old – Satyam followed suit. 🙂

What’s funny is that in the comments, Indians are defending themselves by saying that the poor Indian industry is funded by American spammers, ZDNet is biased and working for the American government, and that this article only shows how ‘scared’ America is of India.

For Pakistanis, and for everyone – the message is simply that there is good and bad everywhere. The claims of the international media (whether about Pakistan’s troubles or India’s success) are never completely accurate and nuanced. Let’s focus on the positives in Pakistan.

Like this.

Civic Center, Karachi

I’ve never heard of a political party sacking its own members for not working (apart from the MPA who got caught using a stolen card*). I support this action wholeheartedly. Thank God ghost workers are getting caught and fired.

*Do check out the link – a very interesting video that leads me to the obvious question – what happened next?


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  1. Credit is due to whoever who came up with the idea of cracking captchas. That country is going somewhere, while we continue scratching our balls.

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