Realization of the day-that when a positive result is unexpected,it results in a disproportionate amount of happiness for the recipient.

I have been fortunate enough, Alhamdulillah,to be able to give three different people joy over the past two days and, I was surprised at the amount of gratitude I received,for the first in particular. I really shouldn’t be dwelling on something I did for someone, but I’m sharing this because I hope others can learn from my experience and apply it to their lives – I hope others, too, impulsively do something nice (something as small as a smile or a word of encouragement), and help make the world a better place.

It happened again last night. A simple message of appreciation resulted in,from my perspective,disproportionate gratitude. Maybe it was only because the other person is very well mannered and kind. But it helped me understand this.

The common thread running through all three incidents was that they were unexpected. None of my friends anticipated my actions and were not expecting anything-so even a small act of being nice was greatly appreciated.

For marketers, the message is simple – in order to achieve customer delight, you must go above and beyond standard expectations and strive to make customer satisfaction the very least you deliver. It’s a concept drilled into future marketers via Kotler and co, but one that too many companies seem not to realize. Customer relationships are crucially important and the brand only grows if expectations are continually met and exceeded.

For regular people like me and you – it is a reminder that a little kindness can go a long way and that it doesn’t take much to spread some much-needed love, goodwill, and cheer.

Something similar happened to me yesterday. It’s a story worth sharing.

I was on my way home on the bus when it got stuck in a traffic jam at the Liaqatabad Daak Khana. I had a camera and felt like absorbing and recording some of the amazing atmosphere and energy in the place,so I jumped off the bus and waded into the array of fruit stalls. As I took my camera out and glanced at a fruit seller,another man appeared and asked what I was doing with the camera. Just taking pictures, I said. He says, Take a picture of me and my friend here…what will you have,a soft drink or gol gappay? (This was right in front of the famous shop ‘Liaqatabad ke Mashoor Gol Gappay’)

I, thinking he was kidding,said I’m here for some gol gappay. He said I’ll buy you a plate. I laughed and took a picture of him. Then I moved to the next stall and the man followed me again,telling me that THAT fruit seller was his brother and asking him to pose for me. I took another shot. The guy handed me a plate of gol gappay and wandered off,smiling and joking with people along the way.

After I had finished the food, I looked around but couldn’t find my benefactor. That’s how it remained. I spent the next twenty minutes looking for Qureshi, the grape seller with the stall near the paan ki dukaan. I didn’t find him. When I asked the first seller why the man fed me, he said ‘Bas pyar mohabbat mein khila liya.‘ (Translation: Just fed you out of love.)

And I was smiling all the way home.


The following are some pictures I took last time I visited this market, a few weeks ago. It is merely a coincidence that I took a picture of the same guy twice. Oh, and yesterday, the owner of this shop came up to me and forbade me to take any pictures. I guess he wasn’t around last time 😉



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