Getting My Aunty On!

‘Get Your Aunty On’ at the Rangoonwala Auditorium on the 16th of August was a wild, exhilarating show by The Aunty Disco Project. Omar Bilal Akhtar, Omar Khalid, Yasir Qureshi, Ali Alam, and Rahayl Sidikey (managed by Aamir Rauf) put on one of the best concerts I have ever been to, period.* Not that I’ve been to many, but oh well.**

In fact I’m not a concert fan – and this is not just a self-centered remark, it is actually appreciation of the greatness of ADP – they made someone like me (who is generally not interested in concerts) really really hope to catch another performance soon!

The hype started weeks ago – when Saad Khaleel, the lead guitarist and vocalist of Flam, the opening act, invited me. Then the ads on Omar Bilal Akhtar’s hilarious blog. Finally came Flam’s spoof of the third ad.

I arrived a little late, just late enough to miss Flam (the biggest reason I was going to the concert in the first place; Saad Khaleel, I’m sorry.) But I was just in time for ADP to kick off with Sultanat, and for the next 90-odd minutes I had a great time, taking the following pictures and simply enjoying the music. Yasir Qureshi’s darbuka solos are already the stuff of legend and although he messed up midway through one of them at the concert, he roared back and a little while later pulled off some real magic with Omar Khalid and then OBA on the harmonica (which some blessed soul got a recording of!:D)

It was great music. Just great music.

Thank you, Aunty Disco Project.

I am now a wholehearted fan.

Which is why I have been trying to access the getyourauntyon website for days….the username/password given on the entrance tag doesn’t work. You can just cancel that irritating popup and then proceed to do whatever you want, which is a bug that TwoFiveRight will want to fix. The website itself isn’t that impressive either, which sucks from the promotional point of view.

This little glitch is notable only because the event was very well organized from a guest’s point of view. Cooperative ushers (two friends were coming late and the wannabe bouncer kindly agreed to handle it,so that I wouldn’t have to go out midway through the concert to give them their tickets). Tags and lanyards for everyone. Attractive girls at the door:P. Shirts for sale (out of my budget unfortunately).

It was a good experience, a good event. Would probably have been better if there were options for refreshments but I guess the venue management didn’t want to risk a food fest, and from the event handler’s point of view it would have raised both a) complications arising from logistics and b) complications arising from fans throwing food into the crowd. Then again, maybe that was precisely what the event needed to go on and make it better – ADP says on Facebook that they wrapped up relatively early because of hunger pangs!


And again.

Thank you, ADP. Rock on. I’ll be waiting for the album.

*That includes the last two times I attended ADP concerts, at the IBA. We at the IBA (and mostly last year’s main campus batch) have loved and hated ADP in equal measure. That may or may not be related to the fact that Omar Khalid studied here too. Wait. That, unintentionally, sounds like a dumb star-struck comment.

**I’d rank this better than Call and Aaroh, and comparable to Ali Azmat for how enjoyable the performance was.

The Videos.

Hum Na Rahay by Ali Alam. Bohot aala.

Mujhay Sahara Do + end – the portion from 3:40 to 5:15 was mindblowing live. The video cannot do it justice.

The Photos.

Apologies for the bad quality of some of these photos – I was trying out a borrowed film SLR (a format I haven’t touched in four years) and exposure was difficult without a tripod and ISO 100 film. Largely, though, it was my fault because I just didn’t focus properly.



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