Check check 1-2-3 1-2-3

Tired of my posts not getting exported properly to Facebook – which is, at least for now, my greatest source of hits. Not a lot of people read my blog, and hits have jumped primarily through Facebook. Of course, I wrote about stuff that was pertinent, either to a lot of people (the rain in Karachi) or to a certain group (Dastoor). It started off when I started using Cutline as my theme, and although it was pretty, it had to go. I started off with The Journalist, moved to…I don’t remember the second theme’s name. Cutline was the third. This, K2, is pretty similar, so here goes.

The obligatory pic…this time for testing purposes though.

Courtesy Mirza Bilal I believe...



  1. So once upon a time there was a filthy rich girl in the lower middle class realms of Section2, a friend wanted to live happily ever after with her. But she went off with some other hotshot, and all our friend could do was dream, giving us once again, another moment to laugh and make fun of his misery :p

    P.S. The pyramids denote the honeymoon destination :p

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