The Evian Live Young Campaign

Evian, the bottled mineral water company from France, has come up with a very catchy and strong advertisement. Maybe you’ve seen it, maybe you haven’t. In either case, watch it right here so you get into the right mindset.

Fantastic commercial, in my opinion, because it really builds a strong position in the mind – very clear, very direct. Evian stands for origin, health, and youth. They’re clearly trying to own the word -‘youth’ – the tag line is ‘Live Young’. Beautiful.

A simple message communicated in a very funky and likable manner (I somehow doubt I’ll find ANYONE who genuinely dislikes the visuals). That’s important because it builds brand equity across the board – for example, I’m not the target market, but I have a positive image of Evian now.

They even have a great website developed exclusively around this campaign and a little search revealed teasers as well. Here’s one. It’s meant to be viral, but it’s so obviously brand driven that it probably won’t get the viral treatment – it’s just a funky ad for most people.

From the official press release:

The new ad campaign personifies the “Live YoungTM” message in a humorous and entertaining fashion with a pop-culture slant. Directed by Michael Gracey (part of the creative circle behind Baz Luhrmann’s “Romeo and Juliet” and “Moulin Rouge”), 96 babies were filmed for the spots, which feature roller break-dancing routines set to a Rapper’s Delight remix by Dan the Automator. The famed California hip-hop producer’s remix will be available as an MP3 from all major international digital download sites, just one way Evian is placing the Web at the heart of this campaign.

“The campaign is an enthusiastic modern-day musical production, involving the sharpest contemporary artists like Dan the Automator and Michael Gracey,” stated Remi Babinet, the founder of BETC Euro RSCG and global creative director of the Euro RSCG network. “It makes use of a number of platforms: music, film, internet and design and reinforces Evian’s position as an influential, contemporary worldwide brand.”

Here’s the ‘Making Of’ video – another fun piece of communication that builds the brand.

Like Coke Studio, I like this because it’s a great example of integrated marketing – the website, the teasers, the ad, everything connects very strongly with the Evian brand and results in a strong positioning statement. In addition, BevNet reports that it’s going to be a 100% digital advertising campaign, with the internet and social media at its heart. That shows Evian is seeking to leverage Web 2.0 instead of splashing millions of dollars on traditional TV advertising (partially prompted by the recession, perhaps?) Slick move, methinks. Pull people to the ad instead of pushing it to them, which, according to some, is a dying method. In fact, advertising is failing.

Eric Clemons has written a very thought-provoking and intelligent post, but I am not convinced that advertising is dead. The dynamics of the industry have certainly changed, and will continue to do so, I believe. I think advertising IS still necessary, but the nature and form of it will have to change. For example, I’m pretty sure that ads pushing detailed product attributes will die out. This LG ad is something that I believe will become a thing of the past as people in Pakistan migrate to the internet and everyone uses it as a source of information (as is happening in America now). And as someone who’s hoping to work in the advertising industry soon, I’m obviously biased towards it’s prosperity :D.

The Wall Street Journal beat me by just 5 hours 😛

My line!

So, what do you think?


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