Victory for Pakistan

Pakistan, Pakistan

This is for Misbah ul Haq, and tragedy in the 2007 T20 World Cup Final.

This is for Abdul Razzaq and all he’s copped over the last ten yearsspinach, THAT drop off Tendulkar in ’03, ’99, so much more.

This is for Younis Khan, the comeback king from Mardan.

This is for Shahid Afridi and the pain of Lord’s ’99 and Johannesburg ’07.

This is for Umar Gul and his strength in leading our attack after a potentially career-ending injury.

This is for Kamran Akmal, subject of much criticism, ridicule and abuse over the past few years.

This is for Inzamam ul-Haq, who patiently and steadfastly led this team through many trials to many successes.

This is for Bob Woolmer, who gave everything he had to Team Pakistan – the first real coach we have had in decades.

This is for Wasim Akram, the miracle protege who did EVERYTHING BUT emulate his mentor and lift the World Cup as captain.

This is for every player in every sport who has lost, lost, and lost….and then won.

This is for every Pakistani player at Lord’s on June 20, 1999.

This is for every Pakistani fan who watched the team with rising hope and pride throughout World Cup ’99, for every fan who broke down after the collapse and wept as we crumbled against one of the best teams of all time.

This is for every Pakistani player at the Wanderers on September 24, 2007.

This is for every fan who rode the rollercoaster of emotions that day as Pakistan bounced back, looking to win, but slipped.

This is for every disappointed die-hard, every loyalist who was taunted mercilessly as Team Pakistan stumbled repeatedly.

This is for the policemen killed in Lahore in the attack on the Sri Lankans.

This is for every bomb that has gone off across the country – from Sindh to Swat.

This is for every soldier who died battling the militants.

This is for every family driven out of their homes in the war.

This is for every innocent Pakistani who has suffered as a result of the ongoing struggle.

This is for every Pakistani who is tired of waking up every morning to more bad news – for every patriot who has despaired of ever finding joy in anything patriotic again – for everyone on the street weighted by innumerable woes.

Thank you, Team Pakistan.

Punjabi, Pathan, Muhajir

Thank you for giving us joy, relief, respite, smiles, togetherness, and laughter.

Joy on the streets

The proud parcham

Posted by TAMOOR.QURESHI on (June 22 2009, 02:43 AM GMT)

A great victory for Pakistan over Srilanka which will be remembered for a long time. Tigers of Pakistan just set up a great show for us and play their role to bring smile back on Pakistani Nation. After their win response from Pakistani streets was amazing I have never seen any thing like that before in my life. Noise of people in crackers was really some thing that awaiting such win from quite a time. I congratulate Pakistani team especially Captain, Younis Khan and alrounder, Shahid Afridi for giving nation a great and unbelievable gift. I will never forget this moment in my whole life. This World T20 Cup win take Pakistani team as the favorites for any form of Cricket. I hope Pakistani Team will continue this form in Champions trophy too. Pakistan and its team Zindabad

Posted by Koushik_Biswas on (June 22 2009, 02:48 AM GMT)

Congrats on behalf of all Indians. From the bottom of my heart, where the flame of pride that was almost extinguished by the dismal Indian team has been re-kindled by my embattled brothers. I am sure there are Indians who are feeling jealous – can’t do anything about the rotten eggs in the basket mate – but the warm contented feeling that rests so peacefully in my soul now is surely shared by most Indians. Let cricket be the medium that we use to send out the right signals – just like you have used cricket to send a message to coward terrorists – a message that says we do not care how much you try to break us, we will win. Let us use the same platform to tell you no matter how much our ancestors have wronged each other, India and Pakistan have the same roots, and there is no good reason to continue the hate. Thank you for retaining the cup close to home.

Posted by mongo2vini on (June 22 2009, 03:42 AM GMT)

@Koushik You comments reflect your character mate. What a lovely reply you gave. Thank you so much. It takes a big heart to say what you said. And let me thank you back on behalf of all Pakistanis. We also want to share our happiness with rest of the world not war. I wish a day comes that there is peace in the region and world understand that Pakistan is suffering the most and needs help, not isolation….beyond cricket. I know India’s performance in this tournament does not reflect their potential and talent. I can say this as we ourselves has gone through the similar time. But rest assured there will be better days. Cheers!

“Pakistan? Turmoil in its national politics, turmoil in its cricket politics; no chance to prepare properly, no players in the IPL; a captain who didn’t seem to care early in the tournament, no domestic cricket structure worthy of the name. If they didn’t have talent, they’d have nothing. Of course, they do have talent, and so – sod Moneyball – they have everything.”

Gary Naylor

Worth Reading –>

Image credits: BBC – Pak vs Lanka, Pakistan celebrates



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