!!oidutS ekoC

I am pumped.

I am happy.

I was impressed before.

I am simply exultant now.

Coke Studio!

Coke Studio, Season One, was a huge success. Great publicity, FANTASTIC content (people still rave about the Ali Azmat-Rahat Fateh Ali Khan rendition of Garaj Baras, for example), excellent marketing and response.

I just watched Atif Aslam’s Jal Pari rendition in Episode One of Season Two – and I was blown away. I expected a great vocal performance, but the production quality of Coke Studio is right up there – among the best in the world. Makes me proud to be a Pakistani. More of this! More of this!

And you know what got to me?

The quality of EVERYTHING is excellent.

From the design of the website to the use of social marketing tools like Twitter and Facebook (they were web-savvy enough to snaffle a personalized url on Facebook two days ago and the links have been updated everywhere on the website – no, I don’t EXPECT that in Pakistan, but I will now)…to the obviously careful thought that has gone into the recording sessions, choosing the artists, even naming the episodes individually…it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s even prompted blog posts by the likes of Ali Noor and Ali Zafar about it – which signals their enthusiasm for it.


Yes, a lot of it is because Coke has pumped in tons of moolah – but here it’s the little things that are standing out and this speaks volume of the effort, dedication, and commitment of Rohail Hyatt (the producer) and the whole team. I cannot thank this team enough for giving me and Pakistan some real VALUE on television.

A little background on that: I don’t watch television as a rule. Just sports matches, the news, and movies. Not interested in analysts and their bullshit, and I have even less regard for the trash sitcoms and drama serials and whatnot. If I feel like watching something mindless I can go to Youtube and spend my time far more effectively. If I want to watch a Pakistani drama I can watch Aangan Terha or Alif Noon on Youtube. (I’ve seen Alpha Bravo Charlie too many times already).

So I rarely find something I like on the tube. Faisal Qureshi’s Ankahi is usually good value for time spent, as is some of the content on Dawn News. That’s about it really. But Coke Studio and Rohail Hyatt have given me a reason to look forward to watching television – and the people who are responsible need to be commended:

The Team!


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