Cee Dee Karachee

Source: http://ffffound.com/image/f2dfea026e68bf6336b6686fdf5070e8f9c66e03

I have no idea whether this is even a real image or not, but is this Karachi in a few years? 😛

The CDGK HAS done a tremendous job. It takes me half an hour to get to Clifton from North Nazimabad now – when I came to Karachi just about exactly four years ago (June 13, 2005 – and I haven’t forgotten the date because it was two days after graduation!) it took over an hour. So much has changed.

There was a lot of ridicule directed at this municipal government – from all the jokes about gadde to the criticism (appropriate) directed at mistakes:

Nando's advertisement in summer 2006
Nando's advertisement in summer 2006

But there HAVE been accomplishments.

Nagan Chowrangi Flyover

And despite all the criticism, Mustafa Kamal’s government HAS taken some positive actions – the I Own Karachi campaign and, more recently, the removal of myriad banners and flags count as positives for me.


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