Midnight Munch

Taftan, Country Chicken Parmesan, Bakery Chips, and Ketchup.
Taftan, Country Chicken Parmesan, Bakery Chips, and Ketchup.

So this is what I had a few nights ago. Somewhere around 2am. Stopped sleeping before midnight on a consistent basis more than five years ago, but wasn’t always a midnight snacker. Ever since I don’t need to get up every morning at 8,though, my sleep cycles have gone haywire. That’s right; my circadian rhythm doesn’t know where it’s going and it’s pretty screwed. I plan to change that soon. But while I continue to sleep around 5 am on a regular basis, and have dinner around 11pm, it’s only natural that I’ll need to munch on something around 2-3 am.

So what happened a few days ago was that I couldn’t finish lunch (which is a rarity, especially considering that I hadn’t had too much breakfast, just some biscuits) and had to pack it away from later. This is 4pm. Had ice cream in the evening (8pm) – just the standard McDonald’s half-cone. Got home around 9:30, still not hungry. The family sat down for dinner at 10:30, still not really hungry. Had a few bites – approximately a third the size of my regular meal and felt absolutely STUFFED.

But come 1am, and I needed a little snack to quieten the belly rumbles. Cue a small portion of my leftover chicken parmesan from Arizona Grill, leftover taftan and sheermal (just a nivala) from Haji Mehfooz Sheermal House, chips from the local bakery (Sawaira Bakery, if anyone’s interested) and little ketchup. An interesting and very enjoyable combination – interesting because chicken parmesan isn’t exactly traditional Pakistani food, whereas taftan is the epitome of the same.

Like most of us, I’ve always been told that one should never eat just before sleeping and that there should always be at least a two-hour gap before a meal and sleep. Intuition has always said – If you eat at night, you’re just (in the words of Mick Foley) stapling that food directly to your ass. Common sense said it doesn’t really matter if you’re eating healthy. Common sense won, validated by research. WebMD reports that a study of 20 female monkeys showed that weight gain was linked to activity and hormonal change rather than the time at which caloric intake was made. Not too surprising, but hindsight is 20/20 after all. The faithful AskMen.com sums it up beautifully: “The truth is that your body processes calories the same way at night and during the day. The problem with late-night eating is that people tend to indulge in junk food rather than something healthy and that is what leads to weight gain.” Ori Hofmekler of Chetday provides some additional insight into sleep cycles and food, if anyone is interested.

So, anyway, back to the point of this post – I really want to ask – what’s the most memorable midnight snack you’ve ever had, and why?

We all know the process – go into kitchen, open fridge, look for something nice, repeat process with other food storage places until satisfied. So I’m not asking you ‘how do you make your midnight snack?’

What I’m interested in is anything that makes that specific snack memorable, be it the ingredients, circumstances, people you were with, whatever. I’m trusting some people to come up with some really interesting stuff!

PS. Approximately 45 minutes ago (2:15 am PST) I had tonight’s midnight snack – a banana and two slices of plain cake.


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  1. Dude, screw your midnight snacks. What are your thoughts for Wednesday?

    I really pissed the United fans off with my good vs. evil angle. Can’t take a joke, the buggers.

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