A Wednesday on A Friday

I continue to give myself reasons to be proud of myself. Pat on the back, Nabeel Shakeel Ahmed. You made another good decision – watching A Wednesday was possibly the best choice I’ve made all week (not that I had to make many choices after exams were over, but it’s been a fairly eventful week regardless – car accidents, farewells, and more).

Taran Adarsh says: …A WEDNESDAY is amongst the finest — and bravest — films to come out in 2008.”

And I couldn’t agree more.

This was a great movie – similar to Aamir, suspense thriller based on terrorism in a big city – and maybe that’s why I connected so well to both of them. Karachi has seen its fair share of terrorism in the past four years and I completely understand where this guy is coming from.

I was undecided between Jodhaa Akbar and A Wednesday..and I went with A Wednesday primarily because of Taran Adarsh’s review, which I had read months ago, and the presence of Naseeruddin Shah and Anupam Kher – both actors that I have immense respect for – actors who I believed wouldn’t work in a low-quality production. I had completely forgotten about Jimmy Shergill, who ended up winning an award for his great portrayal of a firebrand ala Amitabh in Aakhri Raasta, copied by so many more over the years. New director, but good company – I can’t remember the last bad UTV production I saw. But then that is also because I choose which movies to watch pretty carefully 😉

I refuse to spoil anything for anyone.

Just watch the movie.

And remember to applaud Naseeruddin Shah.

Echoed all our feelings so wonderfully well.

90 minutes of great cinema!
90 minutes of great cinema!

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