Memories of Galaxy

So I’ve fallen out of love with chocolate recently…sacrilege, I know, especially coming from someone who used to stock up on kilos of chocolate and protect them so that he could have good quality chocolate all year long…and this was it, people, this was the reason:

Galaxy Caramel. Classic.
Galaxy Caramel. Classic.

And I used to go to the baqala near our apartment in Tubaishi just to get this every so often…this was great…so was Ripple…I had acquired a love for Twix (and later on Twix Top, what a treat!)…and so on. Twix Top cost only 1 riyal so I got more value for money that way..also Galaxy Flutes. Caramel and the full-size Twix were for 2 riyals each.

Twix Top! :D
Twix Top! 😀

This is bringing back memories of all the junk food I loved as a kid…the 1 riyal icing-covered donut…switz croissants…wrigley’s EXTRA…polo,i went through a phase where i was a polo addict…

And Toffo! That’s the REAL childhood memory, it all but disappeared by the time I was 12 and DAMN that was some good toffee. Whenever I got it in high school it would disappear within seconds as classfellows were usually only kind enough to leave one for me…that trend continued at IBA as long as I got junk food, and ended when I started getting nuts and fruits…and even then there was always a raid on the cashew nuts and apples!


Jazz, the chocbar with nuts on the outer chocolate shell…it had a thicker ice cream center than your standard choc bar (like Wall’s) and it was rectangular, not curved. My enduring memory of that is having it at Dr. Shamsi’s house when Saad and the late Hassaan returned from swimming at KFU…one of the many dinner parties in the expat Pakistani community in the Eastern Province that are now just more memories.

The wonderful 1 riyal cone which was ALWAYS just SLIGHTLY melted the way I love it…don’t remember the company…the logo had an elephant. And there was this great sandwich icecream as well..have never seen a product like it anywhere else..a thick rectangle of ice cream sandwiched between two thin soft layers of chocolate bread…sigh.

Now, of course, my tastes have changed. Much more expensive (although I’m still earning the same amount – zilch – at least currently) but also arguably more refined. Which seems obvious but I’ve all but lost my taste for standard candies and sweets – except, perhaps, Werther’s Original.

The best hard candy in the world.
The best hard candy in the world.

So now I am a greater fan of ice cream desserts and cakes and pies. Apple pie is still something I love (especially when it’s hot and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!) and any kind of fruit tart is more than welcome. No chocolate ice cream or cake please (and especially NO CHOCOLATE FUDGE CAKE! People always get the exact same cake at every birthday! Please! NO!) but I’d be overjoyed with something along these lines:

Peach Custard Ice Cream ;)
Peach Custard Ice Cream 😉

I still remember the great mango ice cream dessert Maria Kamran got for Omar Khan’s birthday two summers ago…ah..what a joy that was.

Oh well..this has turned into a ramble about the baqala and my sweet tooth…and what’s funny is that if anything I’ve mentioned here were placed in front of me right now, I would refuse. Because I just don’t feel like eating. Don’t feel hungry. I enjoyed my dinner very much, thank you – khagina, chapaati, taftan, and two bananas. Lunch was good too – tinday ki tarkari, chapaati, seekh kabab, and a bit of rabri. Wonderful in fact.

However, I would not refuse a helping of Oreo Cheesecake Delight sometime in the next few days…

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