Ignorance Remains Sublime « Lara Gardner’s Weblog

Stumbled upon this just now. How very well said! It is so disappointing that most people are ready to pass judgements and form opinions and even develop emotions such as hatred without even knowing what’s going on. In my opinion, it’s not…an educated approach. Or, as is said in Urdu…the parha likha approach. And although that may literally mean someone literate, the connotations are of someone who is well-educated, knowledgeable, well-mannered, and more.

But here someone sees something on Geo, listens to one inflammatory speech at the local mosque, and immediately forms an opinion and proceeds to back it up with action.

Action is good, I believe, but there has to be a reason for it. It’s very easy to go and hold a candle for Gaza but not that easy to spend hours and hours reading up on the history of the issue, evaluating different streams of thought from both sides in the conflict, and then forming a balanced opinion. Investing time and energy in that pursuit are so much more difficult than wearing an anti-Israel badge.

Let me be very clear – I’m not denouncing wearing that badge or holding a candle for Gaza. They are wonderful in that they represent voices of dissent with the currently horrible status quo – they represent opposition to the war and that is very important. But I am denouncing the act of forming an opinion about something without making the effort to find out whether that opinion is appropriate or not. I am denouncing the people who read biased accounts of what’s happening and then believe them to be the truth. I am denouncing people who blindly follow popular sentiment.

Sheep would be better than this class of human beings. At least the sheep provide us with wool and food.


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