The Mumbai Attacks…

This post has been lying in my drafts since the 30th of November. I didn’t publish it because I wanted to add to it,but now I have just lost the motivation. Media overkill. Maybe I can do a post on that too. But even THAT’S been talked about to death – the supposed exposure of the Indian media as just as sensationalist and biased as Pakistani. The Hindu ran a nice little story. Oh well. Read on.


It’s interesting to see the different reactions of Mumbaikars and Karachiites to terrorism.

If there are fireworks going on here,we think they are guns…bullets and shooting spring to mind faster than pyrotechnics.

The opposite happened in India…people thought there were fireworks going off for some reason..when in fact they were gunshots.

Can’t help but feel relieved that it didn’t happen in Karachi. God knows this place has had enough.

How convenient for the Indian government. If this had occurred in Karachi, this would be ‘an example of the worsening security situation in Pakistan’….but as soon as those attacks started, murmurs of ‘Pakistani terrorists’ started floating and the buzz is that Pakistani terrorism has spilled over, that our trash crossed the border. If a bomb goes off in a war zone here (which is what Waziristan is now, sad to say), the international media says that Pakistan cannot control terrorism. Indian security agencies are getting rave reviews for their valiant efforts, on the other hand, in spite of what is clearly a massive security breakdown (they arrived by ship, infiltrated at least seven locations, held thousands (if not millions) of people hostage, and have managed to hold on to at least two locations for all of three days! I’m not saying that the Indian security forces are NOT doing a great job and I don’t doubt their bravery.

But the reaction of the international media is…irksome.

NDTV.   Bloomberg.

Mumbai Newspapers

Image credit: Bellur

From David Loyn in Delhi:

“On Tuesday, home affairs ministers from the two countries met in Islamabad, and Pakistan’s foreign minister Shah Mahmoud Qureshi is by chance currently visiting India.

Such contacts are opposed by significant parts of the Pakistani army and particularly its intelligence service, the ISI, who have in the past inspired terrorist attacks in India to stop just such an improvement in relations between the two countries.”

On what basis do you make that claim, Mr. Loyn?

A lot more reassuring!

And DAMN. I didn’t mention the conspiracy theory and the Karachi ‘kharab haalat‘ either!


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