Take a bow, Arundhati Roy

Arundhati Roy: Mumbai was not our 9/11

What a great, well thought-out, and balanced article! It makes so much sense that an author, and not a HACK wrote this. I know that this will be viewed by many Indians as a biased article – one that shifts the blame off Pakistan. Shame on YOU, Arundhati Roy, for NOT playing the blame game. For actually having the moral courage to rub your eyes and look at the mirror and be honest with yourself. It’s not accepted policy, you know. It’s not “a best practice”. Go and do some Pak-bashing.We’re all crazy terrorists who can’t tolerate the very existence of non-Muslims. Of course, we are great Muslims. We pray 5 times a day and are ethically pure. Land of the Pure, remember? We’ve never lied, much less hurt a fly. Okay. I’m rambling. Go read the article. That’s what a good article is like. Researched, contextual, organized, and well written. I’m rambling again.

The cracks are coming into focus.
The cracks are coming into focus.

Go read the article.

Selected quotes:

…But November isn’t September, 2008 isn’t 2001, Pakistan isn’t Afghanistan and India isn’t America.

…We’re told one of these hotels is an icon of the city of Mumbai. That’s absolutely true. It’s an icon of the easy, obscene injustice that ordinary Indians endure every day.

…”You’re surrounded,” the anchor told him. “You are definitely going to die. Why don’t you surrender?

We die every day,” he replied in a strange, mechanical way. “It’s better to live one day as a lion and then die this way.” He didn’t seem to want to change the world. He just seemed to want to take it down with him.

…Dangerous, stupid television flashcards like the Police are Good Politicians are Bad/Chief Executives are Good Chief Ministers are Bad/Army is Good Government is Bad/ India is Good Pakistan is Bad are being bandied about by TV channels that have already whipped their viewers into a state of almost uncontrollable hysteria.

…If ten men can hold off the NSG commandos, and the police for three days, and if it takes half a million soldiers to hold down the Kashmir valley, do the math. What kind of Homeland Security can secure India?


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