History repeats itself.

From The Chronicle of Pakistan by Khurram Ali Shafique:


April 15

Bushra Zaidi, a student at Sir Syed Girls College, who was run over by a public transport bus in Nazimabad, Karachi, succumbs to her injuries.

Violence erupts in Karachi

April Following the Bushra Zaidi incident, there have been reports of violence in the city. Curfew has been imposed in various localities. The violence seems to be taking place along ethnic lines, with the initial attacks on transporters and police turning into pitched battles where Punjabis and Pakhtuns are pitted against Mohajirs.

History repeats itself.

We need to distinguish between ‘asbiyat and ta’assub.

From The News on Sunday:

Rumours unsubstantiated… but fear reigns
Sunday, November 30, 2008
By Qadeer Tanoli


Rumours pertaining to ethnic violence between two groups have pushed Karachi towards a state of fear over the last week, rekindling painful memories of ethnic strife that gripped the city in the 1980s. However, upon investigation, these rumours could not be confirmed other than by anecdotal evidence.

Yet, though they remain to be substantiated, the rumours, which reached a high after Saturday’s spike in violence, have distressed citizens to the point where they are avoiding travelling to various parts of the city.

Phir wohi raastay.



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