BlackBerry Storm Preview: What the iPhone Will Envy – TIME

BlackBerry Storm Preview: What the iPhone Will Envy – TIME

“…a breakthrough design element that sets the Storm apart from every other iPhone wannabe: Its entire 3.2-in. touchscreen doubles as a big, clickable button.

I tested the Storm’s clickable screen last week when I met with Mike Lazaridis, president and cofounder of Research In Motion (RIM), BlackBerry’s maker, in New York City — and I was impressed. You can press the screen to confirm menu choices, launch Web pages and open applications, a novel feature you won’t find on other phones. After selecting, say, which e-mail message you want to read, you can open it by gently pressing on the screen — it actually sinks into the casing as you press, with a satisfying “click.” The screen functions just like a mouse click or the click of a trackball on other BlackBerry devices and T-Mobile’s G1 “Google phone”.

The problem with previous touchscreen-based phones, says Lazaridis, is that “there’s no tactile response. They mix navigation with confirmation.” When you try to click a Web link on the iPhone, for example, it’s all too easy to accidentally tap the wrong spot and launch the link that was just above or below the one you really wanted. That wastes time, and is especially annoying on a wireless device, when battery life is precious.

The Storm eliminates that problem with the click-screen. It further improves the touchscreen experience with two other features designed to separate navigation and confirmation, which, Lazaridis told TIME, is the trademark feature of the Storm. The virtual keyboard: Each letter lights up as you tap it so you know instantly whether you hit the right key. The cursor: As you move your finger across the screen, a small arrow — which looks like a mouse cursor — appears onscreen to show exactly where your finger is pointed. Then, to confirm your selections, you push down on the entire screen.”

What say, Khaliq sahab? 😉


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