I am currently studying urban planning as part of a Masters in Environmental Studies at York University. My research examines the implications of smart cities and ‘big data’, with a special interest in the GTHA and Pakistan. At York, I am also a Graduate Associate at the City Institute and the York Centre for Asian Research.

I am also currently on the Board of the Tessellate Institute, and am always involved in some Pakistan-related initiative or the other (most recently, Social Innovation Lab and Karachi Public Library Project).

I’ve spent the last seven years working with social enterprises and nonprofits, specializing in network weaving, community engagement and social finance. Most of this work has dealt directly with urban challenges. Some of it has involved working in international development (in Central and South Asia) and environmental sustainability. Along the way I’ve been engaged in multiple community initiatives relating to Muslims and Pakistan. I studied public policy and administration in Toronto after business school in Karachi.